“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

Mt. Ugo Day 2: Trekking to the Summit

This is the second portion of the series of posts related to Mt. Ugo. If you missed the first part, please click here. If you wish to see the last post of the series, please click here.

I woke up in the middle of the night shivering from the cold. It felt so hot when I slept that I even had to take my jacket off, but a few hours into my slumber, it was exactly the opposite. I put my jacket back on, yet it wasn’t sufficient to keep me warm. I suspected that the door was open, but I was too cold to get out from my sleeping bag to even check. I rubbed my hands together, tucked myself into fetal position, listened to the chorus of snores, and tried my best to sleep.

A few hours after, someone woke me up. It was time to get ready. We packed our stuff, and had breakfast at an unholy hour. I badly wanted a cup of coffee, and was even tempted to drink one, but the thought of rushing to the bathroom sometime within the day’s trek left me content with just drinking water.

Armed with our headlights, we proceeded with our walk into the darkness. Ahead of us was another steep climb, according to our guide. And sure it was. We made our way slowly up (by then I had lost track of time), stopping as needed, or sometimes just to shoot a photo.

Mt. Ugo, Benguet, Philippines

If all days could start just like this…

Mt. Ugo, Benguet, Philippines

The sun rose before we reached the summit, yet it was beautiful. I loved seeing the mountain ranges and sea of clouds basked in hues of blue, orange and yellow, as the night subtly turned into day. We took a long rest at this point, while Kuya Alex pointed several mountains waiting to be trekked in the Cordilleras.

Mt. Ugo, Benguet, Philippines


Mt. Ugo, Benguet, Philippines

Mt. Ugo, Benguet, Philippines

I like my muddy shoes and muddy pants 🙂

Mt. Ugo, Benguet, Philippines

Autumn in the Philippines? 😛

In front of us was the false summit, or so I call it. It seemed to be the summit, as I couldn’t see anything beyond it anymore, and I was tired. I wanted it to be the summit. 😛 It was indeed a steep climb, one that causes your knees to shake when you look down from where you started.

Mt. Ugo, Benguet, Philippines

Mt. Ugo, Benguet, Philippines

The false summit

Mt. Ugo, Benguet, Philippines Mt. Ugo, Benguet, Philippines Mt. Ugo, Benguet, Philippines

The view becomes nicer as you notice how the leaves change in color, as if mimicking autumn abroad. Soon, Jo informed me that we were entering a mossy forest.

As we moved closer to the voices of our companions, I initially thought that it was another period of rest. Little did I know that we were already very close to the summit. A few more steps and we were at the summit, with the signage proudly marking that we were standing at 2150 masl. Yay!

Mt. Ugo, Benguet, Philippines

Mt. Ugo, Benguet, Philippines

Proud to have conquered the summit! 🙂

Mt. Ugo, Benguet, Philippines

Resting at the summit

Mt. Ugo, Benguet, Philippines

Wacky friends

Though the views at this point somewhat underwhelmed me, I was very happy to have climbed this far. Not bad for a first time, I guess. 🙂

More on Mt. Ugo next time. Happy travels!

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5 comments on “Mt. Ugo Day 2: Trekking to the Summit

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  3. Peripatetic Eric
    August 11, 2013

    Beautiful photos! This looks like a great adventure.

    • Karen
      August 11, 2013

      Thank you, Eric! It really was an exciting adventure, albeit a tiring one. 😛

  4. Manong Unyol
    November 28, 2013

    I love this mountain… we witnessed a sea of clouds from the campsite 🙂

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