“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

Weekly Photo Challenge: NOSTALGIC

Most train travels evoke a sense of nostalgia in everyone, including my friend Jo here. This photo was taken on our way to Bang Pa-In from Bangkok. Perhaps it’s the change in scenery, or perhaps it’s simply the thought of moving from one places to another that causes such feeling to surface. But, train travel (those short ones) are fun and enjoyable (as long as the tracks are safe!), though it could be very emotional as well.

More about the story of our train travel here.

DIY Bang Pa-In travel

Nostalgic Jo

This is my entry to this week’s photo challenge. For other great entries, visit the Daily Post site.

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy travels! 🙂


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16 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: NOSTALGIC

  1. jaime perez
    July 6, 2013

    I like the photo; beautiful!

  2. Ruth
    July 6, 2013

    A nice mood. It is always touching to say farewell to someone as the train pulls out of the station.

    • Karen
      July 6, 2013

      Unfortunately, I haven’t tried that – though I don’t know how I’d fare since I hate saying goodbye..

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  8. anthropologist
    July 7, 2013

    Love. I liked the framing. She has a beautiful profile.

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