“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

Victoria Peak

Continuing on our exploration of Hong Kong island, we were looking forward to visiting the Victoria Peak. We booked our tickets ahead while we were still in Manila, saving us a little money. We paid HKD 235 for the entrances to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and Sky Terrace 428, and for round-trip Peak tram rides.

Peak Tram

There was a very long line to the entrance of the Peak Tram. Initially, we fell in line, but I headed towards the entrance to check if there’s a separate entrance for those who had online reservation already. Luckily, there was!

Just when we thought we skipped the lines already, we were surprised to see a lot of people waiting for the Peak Tram, just like how we waited for the cable car in Ngong Ping 360. The difference was that once you get past through the turnstile, there were no more lines! You simply had to find your own way in. Phew!

Peak Tram

Inside the Peak Tram

At first, I was somewhat disappointed since there were a lot of buildings hovering over the Hong Kong’s landscape. There’s nothing to see, except windows of residential buildings following one after another.

Soon, it became pretty scary once the tram was climbing up the hill. There was a point when I felt as though it would reverse its way anytime soon. However, as we rose above the city, the view became breathtaking.


We decided to see the wax museum first since it was still early, and we wanted to watch the sun set.

Madame Tussauds

I was hesitant at first to book a ticket which includes entrance to the Madame Tussauds wax museum. I have to admit that I am very, very scared of mannequins, statues, and other human-like objects. Going to a museum full of the things I am scared of didn’t appeal exactly as fun.

My love for experiences took over my thoughts and made me go for a visit. I was in Hong Kong after all. How many times will I do this in my life? So there.

We were still at the entrance when my heart froze. There was this wax statue of Jackie Chan, and visitors were encouraged to take a photo with it. Taking that photo with Jackie Chan the wax figure was already scary. Hell, I felt like backing out on seeing the museum. I was lucky that I was not travelling on my own. Otherwise, I would have exited.

The first room that we entered were full of wax figures standing as though they’re part of the visitors. That was torture for me — I was sweating in a very cold room, hence I headed to the next exhibit. Unfortunately, the next one detailed how the wax figures were made. So there’s a head, a hand, and other parts of the body made of wax that really turned me off. I had to look down to the floor the whole time!

The exhibits that followed were a bit more relaxing for me. You see, as long as there’s a “safe” distance away from the figures, I’d be okay. Maybe that’s when I started to enjoy the place a bit. Still, when there were spots that showcased a lot of prominent people, I freaked out.

Who wouldn't want to be with Royalty?

Who wouldn’t want to be with Royalty?

Pose, brother, pose.:P

Pose, brother, pose.:P

Papa and Einstein = Friends?

Papa and Einstein = Friends?

I love how this group was still complete in this photo.

I love how this group was still complete in this photo.

How's the White House, Pa?

How’s the White House, Pa?

In the end, I survived the Wax Museum. I’m not sure if I’m going to do that again in my life. 🙂 Looking back, I’m just happy that I did it.

Sky Terrace 428

After riding a lot of escalators to reach the Sky Terrace, we were stunned. Cold air was hitting our faces as we saw Hong Kong in a different light. There we were, standing in the best place to see Hong Kong. How I loved the view! It’s one where a perfect harmony of modern buildings and natural creation arose, and where water and greenery met to create a delicate balance that would absolutely make anyone fall in love with the sight. Wow! Of all places I’ve seen, Hong Kong was the only cosmopolitan city that made me feel that there’s more to new skyscrapers and efficient transportation. This place was very, very beautiful!

Sky Terrace 428

As luck would have it, our timing was perfect for sundown. We saw this beautiful landscape during the day, and we saw how stunning it could get at night.


Victoria Peak would always have a special place in my heart. I was absolutely in awe with the beauty that this place had to offer. (Maybe I’d skip the wax museum next time, haha!)

Happy travels!

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